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ebook: 5 steps to optimisation

5 steps to optimisation

The labour productivity maturity matrix from MESTEC

Labour productivity is one of those topics where manufacturers know there’s room for improvement. Building and maintaining an accurate view of who’s doing what, where, and when, is an important first step. But there’s also the ‘why’, and understanding the underlying causes of delays and downtime.

Where does your organisation sit today?

To help provide a more abstract view of the answer, this ebook offers a productivity maturity matrix that extends across five key stages. Moving forward through each brings with it the tools and skills needed to work faster, smarter, and better – while also producing a percentage increase in productivity and payback.

What differentiates companies is the level of maturity surrounding their ability to manage labour productivity. Yet assessing this can be difficult, which is why we’ve sunk all our experience into creating a 5-step maturity model – to help you:

  • Identify your current ‘level’ and the actions/capabilities needed to get you to the next one
  • Delve into what this means in terms of business benefits and estimated productivity ratings
  • Recognise the positive changes that growing maturity brings, and how it enables a culture of continuous improvement

The maturity model is laid out in our ‘5-steps to optimisation’ ebook, which includes a detailed analysis of cause and effect. Interested to know your ‘level’?